Genesis Story

The Company Reifen Schlütter, from which RSH GmbH emerged, was founded 1974 in Bocholt – Suderwick by Brothers Theo & Helmut Schlütter.
Beyond the Veil of founder Theodor Schlütter, his son Edmund Schlütter entered into the Company in 1982 and continued with Helmut Schlütter operative business.
In 1987 Helmut Schlütter left the Company and Udo Schlütter, Edmunds Brother,entered into the Company. At this Point they moved in new premises Brückendeich 25a, just a few meters from old Location. From the joint activity of Schlütter Brothers the Idea arose to build a new Company called RSH GmbH in 1998. This Company should focus on purchase and sale of tires and complete wheels in larger numbers. Contemporaneous a large area construction with a 1000m2 storage Hall and adjoining office Block was built. In 2005 the tire service Reifen Schlütter was leased to Company Reifen Stiebling from Herne.
This leasing still exists today.

RSH GmbH commercialises Tires, Alloys and Wheels in large quantities.

Since 2 years RSH GmbH began to market original Car-Parts on Internet. This departement is managed by Isa Demirci, Edmund Schlütters son in law. Based on his studies in Marketing and communication , he commercialises original car-parts all over the world.

The Company RSH GmbH has years of experience and good contacts In and abroad.